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   Garden Design

We offer our clients the benefit of both designing and building gardens, which provides our clients the assurance that a high standard is maintained from the design process through to the build completion and planting. The design process for us is often a combination of problem solving and creative input. The design should relate to your ambitions, the gardens surrounding landscape and have unique scheme that is exciting to watch grow.  Our design process follows these stages: 

  The initial consultation

This is an initial informal meeting between the client and designer to discuss ideas and establish the clients overall aims of the project and an opportunity for the designer to view the garden. On smaller scale projects this may lead directly into establishing a brief

   Client brief 

We will revisit the client and their garden to go over in detail the client’s preferences, expectations and budget. At this stage a survey may be carried out, and usually measurements and photos will be taken of the existing garden, which will be used for the basis of the design.

   Client approval

After the client brief, the client will receive a list of proposed works (the brief) and the fee for the garden design. This fee corresponds to the scale of the garden and/or the work involved. Once the brief and fee have been approved by the client work will commence on the design

    The design

We will produce a scaled master plan and depending on the scheme, this is usually accompanied by a planting plan, sketches, material samples and supporting images. A full quote for the project can be put together at this stage if required.

     Client presentation

We will visit you to present the design in full and run through the quote. If the client is satisfied with the design and quote the project will commence at the clients’ convenience.

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